Our Story

Christina at photoshoot with model making adjustments

Knieriem Designs founder Christina Pannone (née Knieriem) comes from a long line of creative and talented women. As it was in many families, the art of sewing was passed down through the generations. One day she too found herself with a needle and thread and as many colorful scraps of fabric as she could sew. What began as a childhood hobby blossomed into a lifelong passion, made all the more special by the family she shared it with.

Her company, Knieriem Designs, focuses on creating simple, elegant clothing for the modern wardrobe. She believes that there is elegance in simplicity, and a well curated wardrobe can take you everywhere you want to go. 

She is also passionate about small business, that's why KD makes it a priority to work with fellow small businesses to create our clothing. Each piece is handmade in our studio in Virginia from fabrics made in the United States. 

When she's not running KD or designing clothing, she works with other small businesses as a social media & marketing consultant. Find out more here.

A curated wardrobe for every occasion.

Christina making adjustments to model at photoshoot

Many people have wardrobes for different aspects of their lives. One for work, one casual, and one for special occasions. Often, despite these collections of clothing, we end up wearing the same few pieces over and over again. 

When designing this line, Christina focused on the pieces in her own wardrobe that she found herself wearing over and over, styling in different ways for different occasions. She found that these styles fit every aspect of her life and always left her feeling polished and put together. Taking inspiration from this minimalistic approach to the modern wardrobe, she designed KD’s Ready to Wear Collection.

At KD, we believe that your wardrobe should be able to take you wherever you want to go. High quality pieces with simple, elegant design that transition effortlessly for any occasion. 

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