Getting the Most from your Social Media

I've had a lot of conversations lately about social media. Between clients, friends, and acquaintances, people are wondering what is the next thing in social and how to make the most of it both personally and professionally. 

The world of social media has become so distorted by influencers, ads, and sponsored content and it can be hard to know what is real and what has been paid for. For my clients, I urge them to focus on doing what they do, and doing it well. The people you want to reach on social media want an authentic and genuine view of your business and your products and there's no better way to show that than by just being you. 

So as an every day user of social media, how can you make sure you're getting the most from your favorite accounts?

1) Make sure you're actually following their accounts. 

This sounds like a no brainer, but it's easy to forget to follow your favorite companies, or to follow the wrong one if they've got more than one location. Depending on the type of business they might be more active on one platform than another, so if you use more than one social media site try to find them everywhere you'd like to see their content. Most companies will have info on how to find them on social media on their website or in their shops, so don't hesitate to ask!


2) Engage with what they post.

Social media is allllll about feedback. Liking posts is a great start, but commenting and engaging with their post on a deeper level is even better. When you comment or share a post, it helps them know what kinds of content you really like. Sharing a review or checking in at a location gives them information on what specifically you like about them and how you prefer to visit. This info is invaluable, especially to small businesses who want to get to know their customers on a deeper level. 

3) Speak Up!

With more and more interactive features (hello Instagram polls & questions!) Customers have more chances than ever to get to know their favorite brands, ask questions, and even have the potential to influence what they do. If a brand you love posts a call for questions or a poll, don't be shy, take part! They want to know what you like and don't like about what they do, and definitely want to know what you'd like to see more of. 


4) Post (and tag!) about them.

One of my favorite things that I absolutely love about social media? Seeing clients post photos of themselves in their purchases and showing me how they style the pieces they've bought. It's inspiring to see how you're wearing things and incorporating them into your own unique personal style!  If you've got a favorite product that you love to wear or use, you will make the day of your favorite small business if you tag and post about them. I also appreciate when my friends post about products and companies they love, because I know it is a genuine endorsement rather than an ad. Plus, it opens up a conversation to share recommendations and learn about new brands. Word of mouth is huge for small businesses, so don't keep your favorites to yourself!

All that being said, I hope you're following along with KD on Facebook and Instagram. I'd love to hear your recommendations for other small businesses that you love and see how you rock your KD pieces!  If you're a fellow small business and want help designing and executing an authentic strategy for your social media and digital marketing, I'd love to help you! You can learn a bit more about my consulting business and contact me here!


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